Destination Polaris 2019

Destination Polaris has long been leveraged by the Powersports powerhouse Polaris Industries as a launching point to build a lifestyle around the brand that has made such an impact in the adventure and exploration industries. As the name of the show denotes, this show is produced by Polaris Industries and serves as an excellent platform for the off-road and utility vehicle manufacturer to get their new products in front of their adoring crowds. The TV show reaches tens of millions of households across the world and brings not only new Polaris products to the TV screens of enthusiasts, but also helps to bolster the image of adventure and exploration that Polaris does so well.  The show is a true storyboard setting of lifestyles that Polaris wishes to impress on as much of their audience as possible using their machines.

EFX has been involved with Destination Polaris for several years now with similar goals in mind to how Polaris Industries utilizes the show. We have a tremendous opportunity to showcase our product in several settings that show off product capabilities and highlight the many creative ways that people can use them.

In this year’s Destination Polaris EFX episode, we had the opportunity to hit the trails in Southern Utah! We partnered with Polaris Adventures: Zion East Adventures (Polaris’ licensed rental locations) based in Mt. Carmel Junction, UT. We spent three days filming the show in various off-roading environments truly putting our wheels and tires, plus the machines, through their paces! The machines provided were Polaris RZR 1000’s and the 2019 MSA Wheel line up on each of the vehicles wrapped with one or another version of EFX all-terrain tires. We featured the popular M41’s on EFX MotoVATORS and the M39’s on MotoHAMMERS. This was a great test for the wheel and tire combinations. The machines were stock 1000 XPs that fortunately required no additional suspension or re-gearing because Polaris built these machines so substantially and well thought out that there was no need – even with the larger sized, 32-inch EFX tires we put on many of the stock machines.

The riding on Day 1 in Red Canyon was a mix of rock crawling, sandy trails, and silt beds with some slow-paced, technical rock trails mixed with high speed dusty, and surprisingly tight sandy trails. After lunch, we moved on to the Barracks trail, which winds alongside the Virgin River for about 25 miles off of Highway 9 and is completely inaccessible to any vehicles much bigger than the RZR’s we were rolling in. We crossed the river approximately 27 times in the interest of getting the absolute best footage for the episode of Destination Polaris. Needless to say, Day 1 was a long one, but it was a cool outing that gave all of the riders a chance to truly experience a little bit of everything. The day was perfectly ended with an outstanding chicken fried steak dinner and drinks at the Thunderbird Restaurant, home of the “best Ho-made pies in Utah,” a must stop for the next time you drive through Mt. Carmel Junction.

Day 2 was a little bleaker as the temperatures didn’t rise above 45 for the length of the day and on many occasions, it snowed on the group. We started the day riding dry river beds in search of the world-famous Peek-A-Boo Canyon. Peek-A-Boo Canyon is a slot canyon that has been formed over many thousands of years of flash floods that ripped through Utah at the blink of an eye. The walls of Peek-A-Boo Canyon can reach heights of 60 feet in some places where the waters have carved deep caverns into the sandstone rocks native to Utah. It was a sight to behold and an incredible sight to imagine when there is a flash flood wreaking havoc through those narrow canyons. After seeking out Peek-A-Boo Canyon and completing a couple of the shows numerous interviews, we headed onto another adventure that took the group to an ancient Native American site where several walls of petroglyphs were discovered. The group took turns trying to convince the rest of us that their ridiculous version was the proper story of what the petroglyphs were describing!

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Day 3 was a shorter day as the group obtained another guide for the day’s adventures. Earl, the owner and operator of the Polaris Adventures outfitter, has been in Mt. Carmel Junction for several generations and owns much of the land surrounding the single stop sign in town. With that came a wealth of local knowledge for the best locations to go and see what the public wasn’t privy to because the destinations often lied on private land. Earl took us to a couple of slot canyons that quickly competed with the size and grandeur of Peek-A-Boo Canyon called Red Fork (east and west). They were pretty incredible sights with a lot of marvelous history that was seemingly untouched.

Day 3 was the final day of shooting for the show and was accompanied with several interviews and drone footage of the area. Our trip ended with a long drive back to the airport in St. George. Although it was a short trip, it will never be forgotten, and we are all eager to see the final footage!

Airing Information:

June 16th, 2019 at 11:30 am PST on Fox Sports Regional Networks, check your local listing for additional airings.