EFX Tires Announces New Tire Sizes

EFX MotoClaw 35"
EFX MotoVator 34"
MotoHammer 34.3

The manufacturers of our favorite Side By Side machines have continued to improve the out of the box performance of their vehicles year in and year out; and 2019 was no different. The biggest players in the market; Can Am, Polaris, and Honda have truly thrown down the gauntlet with the releases of their newest models. The new line of Can AM X3 Mavericks come out swinging with 195 HP stock! The newest Polaris RZR, coined the XP Pro, comes in with a solid 181 HP stockmotor and 22” of usable suspension travel! And, Honda has recently released the Talon in the 4 seat option along with the popular Dual Clutch Transmission, eliminating the standard belt driven power plant, and the Fox Live Valve suspension system. On top of all of that, Kawasaki is launching a brand new sport model of their own machine later this year. How can one not be excited?!

Excited is just the beginning for us here at EFX Tires! We came to a realization that with all of the advancements in the engineering and performance in the machines we love so much, we also needed to bring along new sizes to help get you, our favorite Side by Side enthusiasts, where you want to go with these new machines. So we launched our already successful all-terrain tire lines in some larger size options. These are styles that you already know and love. Styles that you have already put through their paces and driven through hundreds of thousands of miles of trails, mud, muck, and rocks!

We are proud to introduce the new sizes of MotoHAMMER, MotoMTC, MotoVATOR, and MotoCLAW! We are eager to see what you do with them!

EFX MotoClaw 35"
EFX MotoVator 34x9.5 R18
MotoHammer 34.2