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There is no comparison to an EFX Tire. Utilizing decades of manufacturing experience and trail knowledge we created a brand new, industry changing tire.  The MotoClaw is like nothing else on the market, complete with distinctive sidewall styling, unique non-directional tread pattern, incredibly strong rubber compound and a rugged, radial carcass.  The MotoClaw comes standard with incredibly strong lugs, spaced precisely right to provide a smooth ride under the most intense terrain. This ATV tire will climb rocks, grab roots, latch on to side ruts and perform in light mud. Get ready for a whole new level of ATV Tire or UTV Tire performance.


Available Sizes:
26x9x12, 26x11x12, 27x10R14, 28x10R14
28×9.5R15, 28x11R15, 29×10-16, 30x10R14
31x10R15, 32x10R14, 32x10R16, 33x10R18, 33x10R20, 35x10R20

MotoClaw UTV Tire ATV Tire All Terrain


MotoClawMC-26-9-1226x9-1228.5 lbs6-Ply261810181274FTrail, A/T
MC-26-11-1226x11-1236.1 lbs6-Ply261990181280FTrail, A/T
MC-27-10-1427x10R1437.6 lbs8-Ply Radial2711000221480JTrail, A/T
MC-28-10-1428x10R1436.2 lbs8-Ply Radial2811000261480JTrail, A/T
MC-28-9-1528x9R1534.6 lbs8-Ply Radial281800201573FTrail, A/T
MC-28-11-1528x11R1538.3 lbs8-Ply Radial281920201577FTrail, A/T
MC-29-10-1629x10-1639.9 lbs6-Ply291990181680FTrail, A/T
MC-30-10-1430x10R1441.8 lbs8-Ply Radial3011000201480JTrail, A/T
MC-31-10-1531x10R1542.4 lbs8-Ply Radial3111000221580JTrail, A/T
MC-32-10-1432x10R1443.9 lbs8-Ply Radial3211000221480JTrail, A/T
MC-32-10-1632x10R1646.1 lbs8-Ply Radial3211000221680KÊTrail, A/T
MC-33-10-1833x10R1849.3 lbs8-Ply Radial3311000221880KTrail, A/T
MC-33-10-2033x10R2049.1 lbs8-Ply Radial3316602220MTrail, A/T
MC-35-10-2035x10R2052.9 lbs8-Ply Radial3517402220MTrail, A/T

Weight = Unboxed weight in lbs   Ply = Carcass construction (Bias unless noted)   Load = Engineered load rating in lbs

Do not to put your investment at risk by using just any wheel/tire cleaner as a number of them may contain harsh acids, alkalis and/or detergents that can damage wheels and paint. We suggest using a basic dish soap that does not contain bleach to clean your wheels and EFX tires. Pick up a rough detailing brush from any auto parts store or Home Depot to hit the valleys between tire lugs. The brush also makes scrubbing sidewall a snap. We do not suggest using tire shine or gloss as chemicals may break down tire compound faster than normal.

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